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  1. Hi,

    I'm using MPC-HC with the 14.8.8 Mega K-Lite Codec Pack version and i'm sending my audio via SPDIF.

    I tried all of this 3 configurations to convert to AC3 : ffdshow audio processor, ffdshow audio decoder, AC3Filter audio decoder.
    The correct audio device is set as default in the Windows Control Panel and i also explicitly selected the desired output device (the one with DirectSound prefix) in the settings of MPC-HC: MPC-HC options > Playback > Output > Audio Renderer

    But i still have an issue with AAC : my hifi receive them as PCM files and play them as a simple stereo...

    I have noticed that :
    - there is no ffdshow system tray icon while playing the file in MPC-HC (it should if ffdshow ,or ac3, is processing no ?)

    - Filters currently loaded while playing :
    - DirectSound: Realtek Digital Output (Rea...
    - Enhanced Video Renderer (custom presenter)
    - Audio Switcher
    - LAV Video Decoder
    - LAV Audio Decoder
    - LAV Splitter Source

    So there is clearly no processing of the AAC to AC3, right ?

    In fact, in my case i think the real problem is not that the process doesn't work, but just that the process simply don't load : neither ffdshow nor ac3 filters load while playing an ACC file although one or the other is set in external filters of MPC

    Thanks a lot for your help !
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    What's the make and model of your receiver/audio playback device? I have three PCs going through a audio switcher and all I use is S/PDIF audio.
    My switcher and receiver doesn't have optical S/PDIF inputs. I use mostly LAV filters. My receiver accepts most all input formats,
    though I mostly use AC3 for my audio. AAC does work OK, though. And I do use MPC-HC at times. Never had to modify it's settings for audio.

    But other members may have better suggestions.

    And welcome to our forums.
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  3. I succeeded !
    In fact ffdshows didnít load, because i had set it to launch exclusively for ACC.
    And I realised that :
    - by default MPC-HC load the first track.
    - and in my case, most of my files have the first track in AC3 (and the 2nd in ACC), so MPC didnít to launch ffdshow, because it can deals with AC3 with no need of ffdshow.
    So i had set MPC to load 2nd track by defaut, and ffdshow launch and do itís job : encoding AAC to AC3, so i get 5.1 with ACC via spdif

    However, i still get the same issue with E-AC3 : my receiver only gets stereo. But maybe itís another process, or maybe there is actually no solution for this.
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  4. Try setting up LAV Audio to decode E-AC3 and AAC (should be default anyways) and ffdshow or ac3filter or ReClock to accept (only) PCM input but encode to AC3.

    Note that there are different E-AC3 variants. ffdshow is probably too old to handle all of them, if any, so we let LAV do the decoding.
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  5. In fact I was not lucky : the E-AC3 file i tested was not good : it had 6 channels but only 2 channels were filled and the 4 others were empty... so obviously my hifi played 2 channels
    After testing with other E-AC3 files, everything works, i get 5.1 too !
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