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  1. Originally Posted by veresov View Post
    You brought up DGDemux first in this thread and then proceeded to slag it off (the very first alpha!) in a superior condescending manner.
    I think r0lZ didn't mean it like that. You are the one calling your releases alpha, after all. If you don't want others to call your releases "alpha", maybe you should not name them as such. I don't see any condescending tone in those posts either. He actually praised your demuxer, and it's speed.

    Originally Posted by veresov View Post
    And you said DGIndexNV is not a demuxer, ignoring its demux dialog and the years I have spent refining it.
    Well, as stated by yourself on it's download page:

    Originally Posted by DGIndexNV Download page
    DGDecNV is a decoder/frameserver for AVC, HEVC, MPEG2, and VC1 streams that runs on the GPU of Nvidia graphics cards that support CUDA video decoding.
    So demuxing obviously isn't it's primary function. Maybe r0lZ wasn't even aware it could demux, if it can. I still think the problem between the 2 of you came from a plain old language barrier thing. I don't notice any hating or insulting from him on your end at all. At least not untill the previous post, with the "mood swings" thing. I don't know about your past together, but I think you guys just misunderstand each other. At least, that what it looks like to me.

    Originally Posted by veresov View Post
    Failure to do so will result in legal action.
    Good luck with that. You are aware that in most (West-)European countries (including Belgium) the prohibition of discrimination is literally the very first law in the book?

    Besides, as DGMVCDecode can be used to rip copyrighted material, you probably wouldn't get anywhere either. You might even get your software branded as illegal.

    Either way, could someone please lock this topic? It doesn't get any more off-topic then this, and now I feel bad about starting this topic. Now I feel like I caused this fight you guys are having.

    Whatever happens doesn't matter to me anyways, as the current build of BD3D2MK3D can do everything I need, I consider FRIMDecode superior (no offense), and won't need an update ever again anyway. But I think the internet is full of hatred already, so for that reason I really hope you guys work everything out.

    Either way, I'm outta here untill I have something to report on concerning converting 2D PGS subtitles to 3D HalfSBS PGS subtitles.

  2. I couldn't care less what you think. Permission for use of DGMVCSource was withdrawn only after r0lZ started posting insults about my psychology, etc. Maybe you woke europeons would roll over for that, but I'm an American, we don't take any shit!

    I only care about r0lZ removing my SW from his distribution. He has FRIM; he doesn't need to rip me off.

    If r0lZ's only justification for his software piracy is this discrimination nonsense, then it would be very easy for me to unlicense it from everyone. I'll give r0lZ a few days to come to his senses before I do that.

    I also assert my copyright to the DGMVCSource help file, which r0lZ is illegally including in his distribution. I do not grant r0lZ the right to distribute my copyrighted material.
    Last edited by veresov; 15th Nov 2019 at 07:45.

  3. The feeling is mutual.

    Happy trolling, kid.

  4. RajaSteve, r0lZ's bulldog. I imagine r0lZ following you around, picking up your crap.
    Last edited by veresov; 15th Nov 2019 at 07:46.

  5. Wow. What a nice and reasonable guy you are...

    I don't care how much you tear each other apart. I just don't see why.

    I refuse to take part in this any longer. I am not gonna insult you. I am above that. I hope you get to that point someday.

    Got anything ontopic to say? Thought so. Bye.

    Edit: I see you edited your previous post to include some actual racism. Good for you!

    Wtf am I doing here lol.

  6. Originally Posted by RajaSteve View Post
    I am not gonna insult you. I am above that.
    You already did insult me, calling me a troll and a kid. Now you expose yourself as a liar.

    And your charge of racism is pathetically nonsensical. Be careful, buddy, you can't throw charges around like that without consequences. I will ruin you if you continue in that vein.

  7. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    I have no idea what you are talking about. But it doesn't sound good. Thread locked.

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