I have yet to find any solutions on the topic, as I guess most people simply aren't doing this, so iif you have any suggestions, please let me know your thoughts.

Running this off my Dell Server to South Central Cable TV channel 24/7 and there is a lot of flicker and hard to explain almost slow refreshing of video in various parts between frames? Footage is 1080p (CBR 15mbs) scaling to 720p (CBR see FFMPEG)

$ ffmpeg
-i playlist1.txt
-s 1280x720
-b:v 12000k
-b:a 384k
-bufsize 24000k
-maxrate 12384k
-f mpegts "udp://225.254.1.XXX:XXX4?pkt_size=188&buffer_size=65535"

Also instead of converting the .mp4 from Davinci output through FFMPEG to MPEG2 TS, I am batching them to MPEG2.TS with XMedia Recode. Tried a bunch of settings, but that doesn't help. And of course the video looks great on local PC play. Obviously its on the transport end, and probably something that could be improved I am guessing on my FFMPEG command structure?

Ask any additional questions as needed, standing by...