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    Hi folks!

    Want to record some shows from the Lollapalooza Festival in Brasil!

    Here the link:

    Could find the m3u8,also extract,try to record this with streamlink with hlsvariant and best -o with no success...

    Any idea?

    In hope,

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    VideoDownloadHelper plugin for firefox/chrome. Finds the .m3u8 and you can save the file.

    Or if you want to use streamlink,you need to add cookies,f.e.:

    streamlink --http-header "Cookie=vssession=U9h7BrLAQPvJWKiqviyuzA15546705350139330963/d/s/msw24ha/?0411554669894557115740015546733748064286252Ak7JaRzAje1KTU_Yqg_Dxg|A|; glb_uid=
    "KTeIxOjy6UZ7Pg0c11VtU0VPcOjHmjWX766i3fgs8GY="; hsid=71ebe99f-dbf6-4849-ad4a-b4b06f396721; utag_main=v_id:0169f989f29e000ba2260dd94dc70104e003900d00978$_sn:1$_ss:1$_pn:1%3Bexp-session$_st:1554671561182$ses_id:1554669761182%3Bexp-session; _ga=GA1.2.731123937.1554669762; 
    _gid=GA1.2.112055434.1554669762; nav13574=a22f7de09d84425d013dd6c8d09_98; _fbp=fb.1.1554669768659.669122855; locksession=0411554669894557115740015546733748064286252Ak7JaRzAje1KTU_Yqg_Dxg; _gat_playerTracker=1" 
    "" best -o outputfile.ts
    You will need to use your cookie tho. (developer tools->network->(click on the .m3u8 that appears in the list and under headers section copie the cookie value.))
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  3. Any cookie used with streamlink will likely fail on a subsequent playlist reload, usually within a few minutes, because the site's hls player periodically updates the cookies dynamically.

    The chrome extension "Stream Recorder - download HLS as MP4" (normally found here, or see extension website) will work continuously to save the video within the chrome.

    But, this extension is not present in the chrome store at the moment, so if you don't already have it installed, you'd have to install it manually.
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  4. I tried TubeDigger
    Did not like the sound quality (?)
    255 Mb
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