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  1. Quick question on bitrate settings in Handbrake...

    Which setting under the Video tab of Handbrake puts out a variable bitrate? Constant Quality or Average bitrate?

    I do understand that Average Bitrate is still somewhat variable since Handbrake tries to keep it around that bitrate. But I guess I'm trying to figure out which one is the most variable - if that makes sense.
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  2. Simple answer, they are both variable. However, if I remember correctly, CQ is by definition more variable, it's all source dependent....
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  3. Average Bitrate without 2-Pass Encoding is the least variable in terms of bitrate. It's also the worst quality per bitrate. Average Bitrate with 2-Pass encoding is very close to the same bitrate distribution as Constant Quality, and the same quality when the file sizes match.

    With Constant Quality encoding you know what the quality will be but you don't know how big a file you will get. With Average Bitrate encoding you know what the file size will be but you don't know what the quality.
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