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    Do you have an online video clip that you want to save but you just can't download it with any downloader? Then try the free OBS Studio to screen capture it.

    Tools required

    OBS Studio


    Install OBS Studio or use the portable version and launch the obs.exe/obs64.exe under the bin folder.

    Start OBS Studio.
    Select video source by click on the + under Sources and select Display Capture.
    [Attachment 48584 - Click to enlarge]

    Create new and OK
    [Attachment 48585 - Click to enlarge]

    Select the Display device you want to capture and deselect Capture cursor.
    [Attachment 48586 - Click to enlarge]

    Right click in the preview window and choose Resize output (source size).
    [Attachment 48587 - Click to enlarge]

    Now Start recording
    [Attachment 48588 - Click to enlarge]

    Switch to video and start playing it and make it full screen. Then just wait until it's finish. (Make a test recording first)
    [Attachment 48589 - Click to enlarge]

    And last Stop the recording and under File, Show recordings can you find your video.
    [Attachment 48590 - Click to enlarge]

    If you want a mp4 instead of the default flv then use the built in remuxer under File, Remux Recordings.
    [Attachment 48591 - Click to enlarge]


    You can of course fine tune lots of settings like set the output video size under Settings, Output (scaled) resolution. Or add a hotkey to start and stop the recording under the Settings, Hotkeys.
    [Attachment 48592 - Click to enlarge]
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    I guess it is fair to assume that the higher quality and larger the monitor screen size which the original source is playing on - the potential for higher quality captured video output?

    I just did some tests. I did some with higher resolution settings, and then with my new 27 HP monitor, the end results were outstanding.

    I need to dig in deeper and see if there are more settings for sound quality output.

    Thank you for this guide.
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