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  1. Does any one know this software?
    It can view the video and click at any view point to create chapter. This is super useful and intuitive.

    Current method that I know is very cumbersome,
    I need to open 2 software, open video player to view and write down the chapter marker location,
    then open chapter marker software to create and mux the chapter into the video.

    Please check out this Youtube video, the owner did not share the software name
    Anyone know what software is this?

    I am using Windows 10, x64
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  2. It would probably help if you mentioned the OS you use....
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  3. Missed that out sorry, Windows 10 x64
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  4. I believe the software is MeGUI based on the info I see on the YouTube video at 3:02 timecode. This is an advanced free software available on SourceForge
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    MKV Chapterizer is much easier to use,it also has a batch function so you can load lots of mkvs into it.
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