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    Hello all New to MiniDV but my grandpa used it back in the early 00s. Just got done converting boxes of VHS tapes. Now onto the 40 or so MiniDV tapes. Got the original camera that they where recorded on.

    1st issue - Tapes would play glitchy with lines running through it with audio. I used a head cleaner tape and that resolved it!

    But now there is NO audio even though the video looks perfect!

    Some tapes like a split second of the start of the tape there is 1 second of audio and then its quiet through the whole tape.
    A mix are LP and SP but same results.

    As I test I got a brand new blank tape and recorded a test record on it and no audio as well.

    Any suggestions? Buying another at the moment is not too ordeal. ( off topic: while most get back taxes I PAY in as I'm not taxed on income) , so slightly broke at the moment

    The camera is the Sony DCR-TRV22

    Any suggestions would be amazing! Thanks!
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    Does sound play back through the camera's loudspeaker?
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  3. 2000's?
    Well, your camera need a ultrasonic decontamination bath/cleaning and a full recap, I've left Sony back in 2003 and we were still replacing capacitors from cameras from a year prior so you understand how many bad caps they were using. After that, it's necessary to check the tape guides alignment, the PB signal to see if it's straight.

    In general this is what cause problems in the video and audio, but this is my best guess with the experience I've, it's impossible to diagnostic an electronic hardware over the internet.
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