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    A friend of mine gave me a flash drive with the UHD of Jurassic - Fallen kingdom to test out the new 4K Sony TV I bought to see if I should keep it or return it. But what do I do with a folder full of files like "6H3iQjYlwDw3jKERqIMP6o", "94IzkzNzD1D4gGF_4TDidk02SX7DZ" and all the way to the short "iDBu1s"??? None of the files have any extension. They show nothing but the size when run through the software "MediaInfo" and I can't mount the folder in PowerISO. What do I do?? My return window for the TV is next saturday. Thanks.
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  2. No doubt the files are encrypted anyway. Do you think Hollywood would allow you to copy their crown jewels so easily?
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  3. You may find lots of UHD demos on youtube.
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    Or ask your 'friend' to give you a proper rip.

    Since you do not own the disk you can hardly hope for assistance. And technically it then becomes warez and forum rules then prevail.
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