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    I am using a Sony Hi-8 Handycam (CCD-TRV68) to try to capture a tape that has choppy video and distorted audio. I have no clue what is happening with this tape as I have captured at least 10 other tapes recently with no issues whatsoever. I have used both Elagto USB capture device as well as a DataVideo with S-video inputs.

    Here is a sample because it's hard to describe.

    Maybe someone has seen something like this before? Any ideas on how to capture the best I can? Sorry if I forgot some info.
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    Your camcorder is garbage and I'm afraid that while it's playing the tape it is damaging it, It needs to be re aligned, Or simply get a different one if you cannot re-align it.
    Another possibility that if this tape was recorded on a miss aligned camcorder, the only way to recover it is to miss align this camcorder until you get a clean picture.
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