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  1. I have a film that has damage throughout and all of the damage is showing up as this purplish-blue... and that purplish-blue is not really in the rest of the film. I can reduce the damage of course by reducing this color, but then it affects the entire picture and loses blue from all images. I was looking for something like Photoshop has where a particular color can be identified and changed, darkened, desturated, etc without affecting other non purplish-blue colors.

    Does something like this exist for VirtualDub or AVISynth?
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  2. You can divide a source with Avisynth and only apply filtering to specific sections.

    StainlessS created a function for removing color casting from film (or repairing film that's faded with age to mostly a single color), which sounds like the sort of thing you need to do. I haven't used it myself, so I don't know how hard or easy it is to configure, but the screenshots in this thread are fairly impressive. You could divide the video into sections and apply the GamMac function to just the parts that need it.
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