I have been using ripbot264 for many years for its simple and efficient interface.
However by improving my experience in the encoding of my films, I am confronted with annoying dysfunctions which are the following ones:

- error message when adding a blu-ray rip containing an e-ac3 stream.
- RipBot264 has a big problem with special characters and just with accented characters! An example: inserting a subtitle file (.srt) that is named with one or more accented characters, the encoding of the movie is done but crashes at the time of the mux for this reason! Several hours of encoding lost for a simple accent! Annoying...
- the same but much less annoying accented characters are not interpreted when naming the output file.

I hope with each new version of RipBot264 that these problems have been raised and that a solution has been put in place, but it is not yet the case with version 1.24.0.

So Mr. RipBot264 when a version for users using accents!