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  1. I need to make a copy of some mp4 (1080p and 4K) just for proxy use in adobe premiere because the original files are too heavy
    and seeking is laggy in premiere. I have used Staxrip to make this files smaller and then edit them in premiere. Once editing is done
    I then load the original file.

    What I need is to find the fastest possible way to achieve this as the output quality has no importance for me. My question is what
    encoder x264, x265, NVidia etc can give the fastest result? what settings make it the fastest and is there anyway to have the decoding
    (Reading the file) is a fastest way? In all I need is to achieve max possible speed with no consideration for quality.
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  2. Code:
    @SET x264opts="qp=16:qpmin=8:level=4.1:ref=0:bframes=0:no-chroma-me=1:subme=2:open_gop=0:keyint=1:pic_struct=1:aud=1:force_cfr=1:cabac=0:no_psnr=1:no_ssim=1:colorprim=bt709:transfer=bt709:colormatrix=bt709:stitchable=1:no-psy=1:scenecut=0:no-deblock=1:aq-mode=0"
    @ffmpeg.exe -y -hide_banner -v 32 -i "%1" -c:a copy -c:v libx264 -preset:v ultrafast -tune:v fastdecode -profile:v high -x264opts %x264opts% -x264-params %x264opts% -vf scale=iw/4:ih/4:sws_flags=spline+accurate_rnd+full_chroma_int+full_chroma_inp:out_color_matrix=bt709,format=pix_fmts=yuv420p "%~n1_.mp4"
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  3. The fastest (and best) way to do it is directly in Premiere. It will take your clips, load them into Adobe Media Encoder, encode them as you wish (I recommend low resolution i-frame proxies such as 960x540 ProRes or DNxHR, I also burn in a timecode counter so there's no ambiguity about which version I'm looking at.) Premiere then automatically locates the proxies and you can switch between proxies and original footage at the click of a button.
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