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  1. Hello Guys,

    i m having hard time finding the best settings on handbrake GUI, to do a really simple task.

    basically i have .mkv video, which i would like to hardsub (subs must be permanent, so burned in).

    My goal is to keep the same quality of inizial video (ofc a bit less since i am hardsubbing it, so there will be a decode/re-encode), and keeping the same initial SIZE (around 700mb).

    So far i tried a lot of time with different settings.

    Looks like keeping mkv format is the best option, but i m struggling which can be the best options under the video tab for:

    Video Codec?

    Encoder Preset

    constant quality RF
    AVG bitrate

    any help is appreaciate, thanks.
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  2. Why are you hardsubbing? Because your player cannot play soft subtitles? Then it probably also doesn't support all codecs. Find out what it supports first.
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  3. Hello Sneaker, i need to hardsub for other reason, mostly for video distribution, i don't need soft subtitles.
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  4. Try x265 10 bit with e.g. preset slower. Framerate "same as source", variable (constant if you need constant for some reason). Profile main10, don't set tune. Set 2pass average bitrate to the one of the source (find out source bitrate via MediaInfo "View"->"Text"). (Auto) Passthru audio if possible.
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