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  1. I'm looking for a decent MP3 Gain and AAC Gain program. I tried MP3 Gain and AAC Gain and it's OK but some albums still sound noticeably quieter than others.
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    Maybe more than you need, but you might try Audacity. It has a lot of audio options.

    Or other members may give some better suggestions.
    I tend to just set the audio equalizer in my player.
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  3. Thanks. What audio player to do you use and what does the audio equalizer do?
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  4. foobar2000's ReplayGain scanner uses the newer EBU R128 scanning method, which I think it a bit more accurate than the original ReplayGain method, although I still found the old method pretty good. Which scanning method do you use? Other than that, foobar2000 saves the same ReplayGain data to tags (although it uses ID2v2.3 tags rather than APE tags).

    Once files are scanned it can adjust the volume on playback (enabled by default) or it can adjust the volume of MP3 and AAC losslessly as MP3Gain does, although it can adjust them inside a container too. It doesn't matter if the container also contains video. The ReplayGain options are all under the right click menu, except for adjusting the target volume, which is in preferences (the default options are probably slightly different to the screenshot below). Because it's not as visual as MP3Gain in respect to what it displays in the GUI after scanning, I created a Playlist View dedicated to displaying volume (in my case I only used Track Gain).

    It doesn't save information for undoing any volume changes though, as MP3Gain does. I can't say that's ever bothered me.

    If you want to try my theme I can upload it for you and you can import it into foobar2000, but you can use the ReplayGain functionality with any of the standard themes.
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