What’s HD Decrypter and What Can It Do?

DVDFab Software is famous for its world-leading DVD/Blu-ray/4K UHD Blu-ray/Video backup and conversion solutions known to movie lovers worldwide as DVDFab 11 — a shareware package containing a bunch of separately sold payware modules, among which, DVD Copy and Blu-ray Copy are the most popular ones of its kind.
HD Decrypter is a freeware inside the package that combines only a small part of the features from DVD Copy and Blu-ray Copy. Compared to its paid versions which have 6 and 5 backup modes respectively, HD Decrypter only features two primary backup modes — the Full Disc and Main Movie modes for both DVDs and Blu-rays.
Under these two backup modes, users can copy DVDs and Blu-rays to ISO files saved on computer HDDs, or burn the backups to blank DVD/BD discs but only with a 3rd party external burning engine, because there is no built-in burning engine installed for the free version. And furthermore, no compression capability is offered, neither.

Meet the Most Powerful HD Decrypter Starting from Ver.

Starting from ver., which is released on Friday, Mar. 22, big changes have come to this free DVD & Blu-ray backup software — DVDFab Software has removed almost 80% of the limits, allowing it to process almost all the DVDs except for the adult DVDs and those containing multiple VTS protections for the DVD Copy module and Blu-rays released prior to 2018 for the Blu-ray module.
This step is the boldest move the software vendor ever made on a freeware. This active change may also sacrifice a considerable flow of its payware’s audience, because in previous versions, the HD Decrypter can only handle DVDs released prior to 2018 and Blu-rays prior to 2015, meaning those who want to process the discs released after the specified dates will have to go for the paid version, otherwise, they have to wait for a considerable long period. But with the new version, they no longer have to.
Click here to get it: https://www.dvdfab.cn/free.htm

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