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  1. When using a public computer (with speaker disabled by admin) and screen capturing with Debut Free, it is necessary to use a standard 3-conductor jumper from audio-out to mic-in to be able to get the sound recorded. However, the newer computers only have one jack, ie the audio-out and mic-in are in the same jack. My question is, how can I wire up a 4-conductor jack, so that when it is plugged in, it will record the audio? See photo that shows the standard 3-conductor jumper and also the 4-conductor 1-jack (used in the newer computers).
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    USB soundcard?
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  3. OK, I solved the problem. (This computer is a public library computer with the speakers disabled.) First, if you use the usb audio device (like hech54 suggested) and run a standard 3-conductor jumper from audio-out to mic-in, Debut free will capture the audio of the streaming video, no problem. But there is an easier way. If you just plug anything into the 1-jack computer, then Debut will capture the sound. (If you plug nothing into the 1-jack computer, then Debut will not record the audio of the playing video). You can plug in a standard 3-conductor headphone, [which allows audio monitoring of the streaming video] (or even a 4-conductor jack with nothing attached to the wires) and Debut will record the audio of the streaming video. In the "recording devices" "sound" dialogue, you want to make sure "stereo mix" is ticked.
    The reason for using the public library computers for screen capturing streaming videos is because the library computers are high speed and the internet is high speed. The result is usually no pausing or stuttering of captured videos.
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