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  1. Hello everyone,

    I've been tasked with adding very basic opening credits to a video of a local opera production. Basically, we're going for a black background with white credits. Very simple. But I'm hoping to make it look modern and professional.

    So I've been trying to think of some movies or shows that have clean, but not amateurish, opening titles like this that I could draw inspiration from. All I can think of are the traditional opening credits for almost every single Woody Allen movie - which are a little more dated and less flowing than I'm looking to achieve.

    Can anyone recommend any movies/shows/programs with white text/black background opening credits that I could take a look at? There must be a lot of movie buffs and TV fans on this forum!

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Woody Allen was the first thing that came to mind when I started reading.

    One suggestion, don't limit yourself to movies. Since you're talking about white text on a black background it's basically a typography exercise. Look at print ads or websites for ideas. Fine art magazines or Opera periodicals may help you find an appropriate mood.
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  3. I've always loved the opening brief "titles" for Excalibur, if you're not familiar with the movie you can check out the opening at

    It's a very short sequence, and while I'd probably go with another font style myself , I love how the transition between titles is matched to the music for a particular mood/effect. I don't know what kind of audio track(s) you'll be working with, but don't limit yourself to just the visual elements, maybe you can use either a matching or contrapuntal sound track to enhance things (a la Woody Allen's "Sleeper").
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