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  1. Hi there,

    currently i'm trying (and succeeding) in creating a single MKV File with 2 different angles of the Movie (Just like Star Wars with the Introduction Scene).

    The Problem is, that the Software "ChapterEditor" ist only showing the DTS-HD Version of the Audio File.
    Makemkv shows me that there are 2 Versions of the Audio File (Multichannel: DTS-HD and DTS).

    Same Problem is with the Subtitle File: It shows me only the complete Subtitle, but not the forced one.

    Can anyone help me with that Problem? Or is there any workaround? I really would like to have both Versions of the Audio (See attached Picture)

    I tried extracting that 2nd Audiofile with mkvcleaver and adding it to the main mkv file using mkvtoolnix.
    Result: The 2nd Audio only plays properly with Title1 (Of that 2-Title-Mkv file)

    And another Question: Is there anyway that ChapterEditor could add that integrated "cover jpg" file to the mkv (just like makemkv)
    Image Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version

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  2. ChapterEditor works with Eac3to (it's updated?), verifies loading it on your exe or some Gui as UsEac3to and see what it shows.

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