Hi All,

I am building a HTPC, and I am having a boatload of trouble with the TV Tuners.

System is:
AsRock J4005-ITX motherboard (Gemini lake SoC with Celeron CPU)
2 TV Tuners:
A Pinnacle PCTV 3010iX (PCI-E) - Tried 2 of these, same result.
AfaTech AF9035 USB
Windows 10 1809
DV Scheduler 6.05
ProgDVB x64 Latest
BlackGold Drivers for the Pinnacle, copied drivers from my Win 7 box for AfaTech
I have previously set-up a Pinnacle device on a Windows 10 box, but that was an earlier version of Windows 10. The supplied (by Win10) drivers kept crashing the PC, but the BlackGold drivers fixed the issue, and allowed us to scan for, and pickup, TV channels.

With this system, I can scan channels, and get both level and quality values in both ProgDVB and DV Scheduler that are the same as my Win7 box, but no TV channels are found.

Windows is fully up to date, and apart from drivers for the motherboard, the only other software installed was DV Scheduler, Java, and VLC. When DV Scheduler failed to find channels, I then tried ProgDVB.

Can anyone shed some light on why this might be happening, and any possible solutions?