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  1. I refused to seriously change from film to digital photography until 24MP cameras were available.
    My slide scanner could scan slides at 24MP equivalent.
    I only made occasional snapshots for many years with point and shoots.

    Then, it finally happened.
    I bought a Nikon D610.

    In the intervening years so many people have gotten into photography that I cannot build much interest in getting back to doing it again.
    But, The video capabilities of the D610 have drawn my interest.
    I am now beginning to learn the video capabilities of my D610.
    I am becoming impressed with what it can do.

    several months ago I shot a few short videos of the volcanic eruption taking place near our home.
    I was a complete neophyte at video, obviously.

    2 of the video clips are here:

    Is it possible to edit them to remove the TV antenna from the sequences?
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  2. You can use VirtualDub and the DeLogo filter to remove the antenna in still shots.
    Image Attached Files
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  3. There are dozens of programs and tools that can remove objects from a video. The feature is usually called "motion tracking," and that is what you should search for. After Effects has this, and there are also specialized programs that can perform this function.

    Years ago I downloaded the free version of "Fusion" (not to be confused with the Autodesk CAD program, Fusion 360). It has this feature. It is very complicated and I didn't have enough of a need to learn it, but I know it can do what you want. Here is the link:


    Hopefully someone here who has actually used one of these tools can give you a better recommendation based on having actually used one or more of these tools.
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  4. Thanks for your responses.

    That did seem to work nicely for the non panning portion of the video.
    Hopefully, I can find a way to do it through the panning portions also.

    @ johnmeyer
    I had been looking around for solutions for this.
    I did find references to After Effects being able to accomplish it.
    But, from what I could find about using it led me to believe it would have problems with the general lack of contrast between the antenna and the background.
    I may give it a try anyway just to see what it can do.

    Fusion looks a bit intimidating, but again, I may give it a look-see also.

    It would be nice if there was a quick-and-dirty way to get this done.
    But, It's looking as if I'll need to invest in learning to use a fairly high-end software to accomplish it.
    I'm coming to the thinking that Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition and maybe some others may be a requirement to be able to do video as I'd like to.

    I'm still oped to thoughts on ways to get this done.
    Thanks again guys.
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  5. My own opinion is that having the signs of civilization so close to the eruption adds to the effect. This isn't just an isolated event in the middle of nowhere. Thousands of lives have been affected by it. On the one hand it's an awesome display of nature (or Madame Pele, if you prefer), but on the other it's an unmitigated disaster. I'd leave the antennas in.

    Greetings from Kona.
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  6. @manono
    Aloha from Puna.

    Your post got me started on a tirade about the event and the handling of it by our local government.
    I ended up deleting it all because this is not the place for it.

    Yes. many people lost everything to it.
    They have my sympathy.
    We came very close to being in the same boat.
    But, anyone moving to Puna should have been aware of where they were going, the slopes of the most active volcano on the face of the Earth.
    We made the gamble that it would not impact us within our life time.
    It was close, but so far we're still on track.

    A lava flow is very spectacular.
    There is something visceral about the fire, heat and red glow at night.
    But, many more people have been affected much worse by the recent floods in the midwest than by any lava flow in recorded history.
    A lava flow is little more than a type of small flood with just a lot more fire involved.
    no one has ever died in a Hawaiian lava flow, as far as I know.

    Sorry about that.
    I still ended up in a tirade, of sorts.
    It has been as very eventful year for us.
    Not over it yet, it seems.

    Back to videos.
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