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  1. Hello everyone!

    I have 12 video files (different sizes and format and FPS) that I am burning on a Blu-ray with Toast. I would like to have a chapter corresponding to the beginning of each video file, but I canít seem to get it done. I thought it would be automatic, but it isnít. I tried adding a manual chapter at the beginning of each file, but still, when I read the resulting Blu-ray, it doesnít seem to find any chapter. Do you have some suggestions on how to achieve that? Thank you.
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    Chapter marks are for adding multiple access points inside one long video.
    When you start out with many videos, then chaptering doesnít apply. Toast will create a menu to access each clip. You can configure Toast to play the clips consecutively, without returning to the menu after each clip.
    If you insist on making chapter marks, then you will first have to convert the videos into one long video.
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