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  1. I have been trying to record this one particular VOD but it has not been working out: (service requires paid authentication)

    The master m3u8 is (+token params) and this seems very strange because most of the other VODs m3u8s are hosted on and those have not posed any problems.

    youtube-dl hasn't worked for any of them since the service is unsupported, but m3u8x has worked for all of the ones hosted on However for this one it fails and reports invalid m3u8 format.

    Anyone familiar with sprtott and how to solve this issue?

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    Asking about downloading from a paid site is against forum rules:

    "Do NOT talk about copying rented/subscription material
    You are not allowed to rip/copy/record rented video. It includes streaming rented/subscribed video like netflix, itunes, hulu plus, etc."

    Expect a lock soon.

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    Thread closed.
    I think,therefore i am a hamster.

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