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  1. Hello

    I have:
    1- A video that is severely edited (censured), so it's no longer in-sync with any available translation.
    2- Out of sync English translations, that I occasionally need only to consult to complement my mediocre listening ability.
    3- The 'Subtitle Edit' software.

    I'm asked:
    To create timings (from scratch) and translate.

    I can't:
    1- Auto-translate. Since my language (Farsi) is rarely translated properly by automatic services.
    2- Can't 'Open Original Subtitle (Translator Mode)' since it adds out-of-sync timings.

    I just need:
    To have the original text somewhere on the main window WITHOUT ITS OUT-OF-SYNC TIMINGS so I can occasionally look at it for confirmation of what I hear. It slows me down when I have to switch to another Subtitle Edit window just to see what is being spoken.

    I hope it's clear enough.
    Thanks in advance
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