I can't find the best solution to this Problem:

I have several Blu Ray movies Backed Up to my HD. Mainly becouse these Blue Rays have some nice Extra Features that I like and I wanna keep the menu and extras untouched. These Blu Rays are very large from 60 to 80 Gigs each for example Terminator 2 Extreme and Matrix Collection with 3 directors commentary audio streams and stuff.

Now Id like to save some space and compress but only the main Movie. The extras on the disk are quite small in size, but the main movie is normally the one m2ts file that is huge.

I'd like to keep all audio tracks becouse there are directors commentaries and stuff but would like only to compress the Main movie video quality down to some acceptable level.

I havn't found a software that would do that in an accpetable manner.

I tried Clone BD. It is fast but the quality is bad and it will also compress the extras. There are not any detailed quality settings I can tweak and the final result is unwatchable quality wise in some faster scenes. The slow scenes are OK though.

I also tried BD Rebuilder, also that tool has limited quality/COdec tweaking Options and you can also not limit the compression to main Movie only. EIther you can strip the extras or the extras will be compressed too. Also BD Rebuilder is very slow not allowing to choose Intel or Nvidia Hardware acceleration.

These 2 tool have filesize reduction in mind and nothing else and dont care about Extras at all. The quality output is bad.

All other tool like Handbrake and stuff are only for converting to mkv or a single file. But I wanna keep the whole Menu, and extras and folder structure in place.

I couldn't find a tool that would allow me for example to just compress the largest m2ts file of the bluray and keep everything else untouched. Most tools only allow m2ts as input, but not as output.

Is there any such tool that could do what I wanna do?