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  1. I've been using Paul Glagla's DVDate to create .srt files for all my camcorder DV-AVI files in order to display the time/date count during playback.
    I now have some .m2t (HDV) files from a different camcorder which I also want to create .srt files for. The .m2t files do have time / date when played back on the camera, so I know it's there, but unfortunately DVDate doesn't work on .m2t files, and I've been unable to find an alternative that can do the same for .m2t files (there is an old thread on this forum about this, but nobody seems to have found a way).

    Then I had the idea that I could:
    1. Convert the .m2t files to regular DV-AVI files (and hopefully the time/date code will then be present in the result DV-AVI conversion).
    2. Use DVDate to create .srt files for the DV-AVI conversions.
    3. Use the created .srt files together with the original .m2t files.

    So basically I need to know which freeware software that can do this in a easy way, preferably with an easy to understand graphical interface, without command lines etc (unless there is a step by step guide telling me exactly how to do it). Any ideas?
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    You want just a single date/time SRT for the entire movie, derived from M2T metadata? Or are there multiple segments in one long video with different time/dates?
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    DVavi is only 720x480 and HDV is 1440x1080 or 1280x720. they aren't interchangable.
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