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  1. Does AviSynth have Smoother as in VirtualDub? Can you tell me what's the filter's name for it?
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  2. There are many noise reduction filters in AviSynth. Smoother in VirtualDub is a simple 2d noise reduction filter (2d means they work in individual frames without taking into account other frames). Probably closest to VirtualDub's Smoother is SpatialSoften().

    There are many more sophisticated 2d noise reduction filters:

    Better noise reducers are temporal and spacial (they work across multiple frames). Some are even motion compensated:
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  3. Is there exactly the same one as in VirtualDub?
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  4. Not that I know of.
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  5. You can use LoadVirtualDubPlugin in your avs script
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    Originally Posted by poisondeathray View Post
    You can use LoadVirtualDubPlugin in your avs script
    I don't think "smoother" is a .vdf, it's an internal filter
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  7. Maybe I should just use Virtualdub's one. When I add sharpen and smooth, the processing takes quite longer. I thought it was due to adding filters in two separate categories (Both AviSynth and VDUB). I'm not sure if those filters themselves slow down rendering. If anyone knows then please let me know. Thanks you so much for your replies and I've gotten a lot of help from it.
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  8. Each filter takes some amount of time. Some take more than others. So the more filters you use the longer it will take.
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