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  1. Does anyone use avs2 and can answer some questions?
    a. in what container does is usually come in?
    b. what audio is it usually parred with?
    c. is xavs2 the recommend encoder or are there better alternatives?

    Cu Selur
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    Hi there,

    As far as I know, dAVS2 and xAVS2 are official open-sourced decoder and encoder for AVS2. Perhaps, you might be interested in the Doom9 archived thread here -

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  3. according to
    There are:
    • AVS2 Reference Source Code
    • AVS2 Real-time Encoder - uAVS2
    • AVS2 Cloud Platform - OpenAVS2
    • PKU-VCL AVS2 Reference Software xRD1.0
    with xAVS2 this makes at least four encoders (xAVS2, uAVS2, OpenAVS2, the reference software)
    Problems is: my questions regarding container, audio and which of these encoders is 'better' isn't really answered by this.
    I hoped some of the chinese users might know a bit more about avs2,...
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    Funny this popped to the top of the new posts, as 12 hours ago I was just looking up avs2 info and looking how to go about encoding with it. Just out of the blue and unrelated to this thread. Had heard about AVS, the first one, but never got into it. But last night I saw a pdf (in Chinese) and could make out a graph basically claiming it's on par with x265 or slightly worse, but AV1 beating both x265 and AVS2. So it sounds worth while.
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  5. avs1 is some modified H.264, where as avs2 is a modified H.265 from what I read so far.
    Since av1 is simply too slow for me atm. to be useful I thought that avs1 and avs2 might be interesting, but sadly I can't find answers so simple questions like what container it should be put into and similar.
    Atm. I'm mainly wondering whether these formats are really used by anyone, or whether they are mainly a 'marketing gag'.
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