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  1. I'm looking for a media player (including old versions) which is capable of the following:
    1. Seek to the previous keyframe rather than the exact position when manually selecting a time spot to view on the time toolbar.
    2. Support MKV cropping parameters or, at least, provide an option to crop (left,top,right,bottom) via command line.
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  2. PotPlayer, definitely.

    1) Preferences > playback > time jump > jump to keyframe
    2) For Crop/Zoom: Frame size - Decrease left/top/right/bottom Margin / Screen margin settings, Zoom in/out, Actual/last size (to toggle crop/zoom), AR options...

    All hotkeys are fully customizable, I'm using Numpad keys for frame size/crop, zoom, toggle.
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    mpv maybe

    if you prefer GUI over command line interface you can try
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