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  1. Hello everyone,

    this thread is about the mpv player and also the player, they are very similar.

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  2. ### 1.9

    - improved settings editor
    - all info and error messages are shown now on the main window thread having the main window as parent

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  3. could you add something like mpv-install.bat to make it the default video player?

    [Attachment 48517 - Click to enlarge]

    the above one is from but i prefer your build.
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  4. I've interest in this topic but didn't investigate it in depth yet. Which OS are you running? There are differences between W 7 and W 10, ten has restrictions. What can be used to make an app default in 10 is the 'Open With' feature of the File Explorer.
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  5. it's win10, the one from works, even in win10.


    just did a bulk replace from "mpv.exe" to "mpvnet.exe", it works without problem, maybe you can add it to the zip next time.
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  6. I don't have experience with batch files and spent some time thinking which tool I can use and decided then to use an installer (Inno Setup) in combination with a small .NET command line app that runs hidden by the installer changing the registry (uninstall is implemented).
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  7. ### 2.2

    - messages boxes had always the info icon even if a different icon (error, warning, question) was intended
    - instead of silently do nothing on unknown commands there is now a error message listing available commands and showing the location of the default bindings, this helps when commands are removed or renamed
    - there was a problem fixed that made the cursor hidden when it should be visible
    - dragging a youtube URL on would break certain input related features
    - there is now an installer with file extension registration (limited on Win 10) available
    - WM_APPCOMMAND media keys were not working in the input (shortcut) editor and there were no defaults for prev and next defined
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  8. wow. love the update, make things easier.
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  9. ### 2.3 (2019-04-04)

    - dragging a youtube URL on would still break something, it should work now
    - when the main window gets focus/activation it will check the clibboard for a YouTube video and ask to play it
    - libmpv updated
    - changing to normal size from fullscreen resulted in a too large window in some circumstances
    - some default key bindings and menu structure have changed and the input.conf file has a description added on top <>
    - the file association code was completely rewriten, it's now contained within mpvnet.exe instead of a separate application and it adds a few more keys
    - various new info added to the wiki: <>
    - On Top feature was implemented using mpv's native property 'ontop', default bindings at: <>
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  10. Hello. Please tell me how to start playing a particular *.mp4 file after compilation in Visual Studio? Where and how do I set this option so that the player starts playing my file right away ?
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  11. Every player is very likely to accept a command line like so:

    player.exe <source file path>

    If your source file path has blanks you need to enclose it in quotes, so it looks like this:

    player.exe "C:\Users\frank\Desktop\test file.mp4"

    Visual Studio allows you to pass a command line when you start debugging.

    In VS go to: Main Menu > Project > Properties > Debug > Command line arguments

    Just enter your source file path there and don't forget to enclose it in quotes if the path contains blanks.
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  12. 2.4 (2019-04-06)
    • new options added to the conf GUI editor: gpu-context, gpu-api, scale, cscale,
      dscale, dither-depth, correct-downscaling, sigmoid-upscaling, deband
    • the conf edit GUI has a 'Apply' feature added to write the conf to mpv.conf
      without the need to close the conf edit GUI
    • the input edit GUI shows a message box when a duplicate is detected and it has
      a new feature to reduce the filter scope to eather of input, menu or command and
      the editor writes always the same help on top of input.conf as it is found in the defaults
    • the conf edit GUI was often starting out of working area bounds and is now starting with center screen
    • the startup size was reduced and a issue was fixed that when the screen property
      was defined for a screen that isn't connected the startup size wasn't applied
    • added feature to load external audio and subtitle files in the menu under:
      Open > Load external audio|subtitle files (default binding at:
    • previously the conf edit GUI removed settings from the conf file if the setting
      was set to the default, the new behavior is not to remove anything
    • the autofit mpv property was partly implemented, you can use 'autofit = 50%' in mpv.conf or
      '--autofit=50%' on the command line, WxH isn't implemented and only percent values are accepted.
      There is a new wiki page explaining the limitations compared to the original mpv:
    go to download page
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  13. 2.5 (2019-04-08)
    • in case the input conf don't contain a menu definition creates the default menu instead no menu like before
    • all message boxes were migrated to use the TaskDialog API
    • an improvement in the previous release unfortunately introduced a bug
      causing the conf editor not to save settings
    go to download page
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  14. First release of my Wox launcher plugin to control mpv.
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  15. 2.6
    • on Win 7 controls in the conf editor were using a difficult too read too light color
    • context menu renderer changed to look like Win 10 design, except colors are still system theme colors
    go to download page
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  16. 2.7 (2019-04-12)
    • the autofit mpv property was added to the conf editor
    • the routine that writes the mpv.conf file in the conf editor was completely rewritten
    • the conf editor has a dedicated page for specific settings,
      these settings are saved in the same folder as mpv.conf using mpvnet.conf as filename,
      the first setting there is dark-mode
    • new optional dark theme
    go to download page

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  17. Changelog

    2.9 (2019-04-16)
    • clicking the right top corner in full screen mode
      closes the player but it did not work on all displays
    • the info display was changed to display the filename on top
      so it's not displayed in the middle of the screen
    • on start up of the conf editor all text is now selected in the
      search text box so it's ready for a new search to be typed
    • the conf editor was changed to write the settings to disk
      only if the settings were actually modified, also the message
      that says that the settings will be available on next start
      is now only shown if the settings were actually modified.
    • there was an instance in the context menu where the sub menu
      arrow was overlapping with the text
    • in the input editor when only one character is entered in the
      search text box the search is performed only in the input and
      not in the command or menu
    • in the input editor the routine that generates the input string
      was completely rewritten because it was adding Shift where it
      wasn't necessary (it took a huge amount of time to implement)
    • the context menu has a new track menu where the active track
      can be seen and selected, it shows video, audio and subtitle
      tracks with various metadata. Menu default definition.
      The screenshots were updated showing the new track menu.
    go to download page
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  18. Changelog

    3.0 (2019-04-20)
    • the history feature logs now only files that were opened longer than 90 seconds
    • the default input command for cycling the audio tracks was replaced with an command that shows detailed track info and has no 'no audio' track. Default binding.
    • new website at
    • the Tracks menu supports now MKV edition selection. Default binding.
    • the Navigate menu supports now chapter selection. Default binding.
    • opening the context menu was crashing if the default binding for Tracks was missing
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  19. Changelog

    3.1 (2019-04-23)
    • the Tracks and Chapters menu are now only added if default bindings exists and
      it's now possible to move the chapters menu to the top level by editing input.conf
    • mpvnet supports now like mpv a portable settings directory. If a directory named portable_config
      next to the mpvnet.exe exists, all config will be loaded or written in this directory.
    • there is now a portable download in 7zip format.
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    Does handle HDR video
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  21. Sorry but I don't know, you can try google with 'mpv hdr'.
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  22. Changelog

    3.2 (2019-04-27)
    • mpvInputEdit and mpvConfEdit were discontinued and merged into
      mpvnet because separate apps were to difficult to work with
    • portable mode: in case no config folder exists and the
      startup folder has write access mpvnet will ask where
      the config folder should be created (portable or appdata)
    • there was an issue causing keys not working after a modal window was shown
    • there was a crash when no script folder existed in the conf folder
    • MediaInfo and youtube-dl were updated
    • a new JavaScript example script was added to the wiki and the
      script descriptions were improved. Scripting Page.
    • greatly improved file and github startpage
    • About dialog added
    • the input editor shows only a closing message if actually a change was made
    • the input editor don't show confusing menu separators any longer. Screenshot
    • new Command Palette feature added. Screenshot, Default input binding
    • the history feature had a bug causing files to be logged more than once
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  23. Changelog

    3.4 (2019-05-03)
    • new feature added to manage file associations from within the app. It can be found in the menu at: Tools > Manage... Default Binding
    • new zip download option added
    • new x86 download option added
    3.3 (2019-05-01)
    • dark mode support was added to the command palette and partly to the input editor
    • a new icon was designed. Website
    • all windows (main, conf, input, about, command palette) can now be closed
      by just pressing the Escape key
    • new feature added to open recent files and URLs with the context menu. Default Binding
    • the info command (i key) now works also for URLs
    • CSScriptAddon add-on didn't load cs scripts from <startup>\scripts
    • error handling was improved by showing an improved message box that supports
      a text copy feature, a support link and text heading and text folding
    • libmpv was updated
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  24. I'm trying to modify mpv.conf (as described in the manual) so that the numeric-pad arrow keys perform the same function as the other arrow keys (like SMPLayer) and also so the volume is incremented in 1% increments rather than 10% (also like SMPlayer). My edits aren't having any effect. I'm using the portable version.
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  25. Key bindings are not in mpv.conf but in input.conf. Keypad keys are KP0, KP1...
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  26. Whoops. Thanks.
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    Hi. I just tried your version of the player. Then I went back to try the mpv I have (2018-10-02|64-bit by lachs0r) I do not work several buttons. Double clicking on the screen with the left mouse button does not go to full screen and the F button does not work for me to move to full screen, why can it be?
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  28. Double clicking on the screen with the left mouse button does not go to full screen
    It can be fixed by adding the following line to input.conf:

    MBTN_LEFT_DBL cycle fullscreen
    The original mpv default bindings have it included:

    The next release has it included as well:

    If you want cycle fullscreen with f you need a line like so:

    f cycle fullscreen
    f must be lowercase because F uppercase is the same as Shift+f
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    Actually many buttons have been deconfigured. For example with Q I can not close the player. I attach the player to you as I have configured it.
    Image Attached Files
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