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  1. Code: Beta
    - update MediaInfo 20.03
    - update libmpv 2020-04-12, it supports vpy playback, read manual or ask in forum
    - mpv property `window-maximized` support added, cycling it from input.conf
      is not recommended, use native Windows shortcuts Win+Up, Win+Down
    - the `start-size` option supports `always` to always remember the window height
    - if the window was maximized before fullscreen was entered, it's now set to
      maximized after fullscreen was left
    - with `border=no` the OSC did not auto hide after the mouse curser left the window
    - the script that modified the seek OSD was removed, it still can be found in the mpv wiki
    - certain videos were showed with black bars
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  2. The last stable release had unfortunately a text encoding bug, so I had to do a new stable release:

    - youtube-dl update
    - auto update routine fix
    - extensions no longer need to end with *Extension.dll but rather
      the file name and the directory name must be identical
    - text encoding exception fix
    - the PowerShell script host is more feature complete, easier to use
      and more efficient, there were however many PowerShell and C# breaking
      changes requrired to make the core more robust and efficient
    - Python 2 script host removed, Python 3 support is planned for summer
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  3. Hello~

    Thank you for good program!

    I upgrade to from today.

    I got an error message from

    The error message is "[overflow] log message buffer overflow: 209 messages skipped"
    [Attachment 53094 - Click to enlarge]

    The error message appears only

    Thank you.
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  4. Does it only sometimes happen or only with certain files? If it's cleanly reproducible then please start in a terminal (command prompt) and copy the log messages, in the command prompt you can select all text with ctrl+a, after that right click the text, the right click does copy it to the clipboard. Please post it here.
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  5. Hello~

    The error message appears only some files. I have only 2 files.

    I just tried in the command line(cmd.exe) but I can not get the log when I run the mpvnet.exe in the cmd.exe.
    So I tried again with And I get the log!!!
    But the error message does not reproduce with The error message only reproduce with mpvnet.exe.

    Anyway I will attach the log from 2 diffrent version.

    Thank you.
    Image Attached Files
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  6. Thanks for the log, the com extension has a higher priority than the exe extension, if you put the folder into the path environment variable and start mpvnet without exe extension in the terminal then the command shell will invoke com instead of exe.

    Such media files are hopefully very rare, it should be fixed in the next build, meanwhile you can try to put following into mpv.conf:

    msg-level = sub/ass=no
    Last edited by stax76; 4th May 2020 at 15:15.
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  7. Thank you for the guide.

    I test again as your guide but is invoked. I check with the task manager.

    The error message appears again with mpvnet.exe.

    I attached the screen shot.

    [Attachment 53120 - Click to enlarge]

    And I attached full log again.
    Image Attached Files
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  8. Thanks for the report, should now be fixed:

    - log error fix
    - workaround to support AviSynth portable (ffmpeg blocks loading AviSynth from path env var)
    - attempt to fix not reproducible volume input issue
    - attempt to fix exception caused by powershell being not available on Win 7
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  9. Hello stax76.

    I tested version with same file.

    There is an error message in the log file.
    ================================================== ==
    [] Fatal Error
    [] [overflow] log message buffer overflow: 212 messages skipped
    ================================================== ==

    I attached full log.

    Thank you.
    Image Attached Files
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  10. Thanks for the feedback. In the next build I made two changes regarding this.
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  11. Is there a easy way to access the current frame that MPV is playing from a RTSP stream?

    That or send extra information along with the frame that is attached to the frame, I'm assuming no on that one as I don't believe the RTSP protocol supports it. But ultimately our easiest solution to that is to embed that information into the frame on one end, and read it and extract it on the other end.
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  12. @bluesky09

    The issue should be solved in the last beta.


    I've never heard of RTSP protocol and assume it's a remote protocol. I don't know if mpv can extract frames, maybe have a look here:
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  13. Hello stax76,

    I confirmed that the error message is not appeared in the last beta

    Very nice!!!

    Thank you.
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  14. @bluesky09

    OK, thanks for the feedback. is a new stable release with following improvements since the last stable release:

    - fix learn window of input editor (much work)
    - fix black one pixel bar on right side
    - fix beep sound when closed from taskbar
    - media key issue finally fixed
    - libmpv and youtube-dl update
    - fix crash caused by powershell 5.1 not being installed
    - log error fix
    - the release script now also outputs x86 beta versions so x86 users can test betas


    Windows 10 users that have version or higher can use the update feature in the menu, I've updated of staxrip with it and it worked correctly. Windows 7 users have to ensure they have PowerShell 5.1 and curl.
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    It would be nice to allow multiple actions for a single function.

    Like to assign both SPACE & also MBTN_LFT to the Pause/Play function.
    That way, when using keyboard, SPACE works, & when using mouse, MBTN_LFT works.


    Once you enable Show Console, `, it wasn't clear how to Hide Console. (ESC)
    (Now that I know... But before that, `, again as a toogle, bye, exit, quit...)
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  16. Hi. First of all, thank you so much for the great app.
    I wanted to ask, do you have any plans for updating the libraries soon? There's a bug fixed in libass that's crucial to me, so I have to use just mpv for now, but much prefer your version in general.
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  17. Member Hitomi's Avatar
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    Hi, I like your player.
    But, since May 2020 no new Version?!
    Using Beta.
    Last edited by Hitomi; 16th Nov 2020 at 11:58.
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