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  1. Sometime ago, Potplayer skins, especially the default ones, had a left-click and right-click behavior on the left/right buttons that was very frustrating for a lot of us.
    See this thread from 2015 here.

    The preferences cannot change this, it has to be programmed in the skin itself.
    So after many years, we decided to just do it ourselves. Here is the announcement:

    You can download the skin here:

    The wait is over!!

    More specifically, this is the standard default theme with just the left and right-click options for those buttons swapped. Everything else is the same. The default theme is pretty good, it looks great and it has a ton of features in it. There is another skin (Blackbox) that has the desired behavior, but it is a bit of an old skin.
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  2. Please check this topic:

    I miss many features in default skin, so fMod is the only skin with the features I need, just the style is not perfect...

    BTW Download link for this new skin doesn't work.
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    The skin doesn't work as you described.

    I've installed it correctly by putting it in the PotPlayer skins folder and switching to it inside the program.

    When I hover over the buttons they say L is for Play Next and R is for Seek but thatís not what actually happens. Seek happens instead.

    [Attachment 50392 - Click to enlarge]

    I've also sent you an email, up to you If you reply here or there.
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