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  1. Is it possible to first erase the contents within a BDMV folder that is resident on an HDD, then copy and paste the BDMV folder contents from an unlocked BDMV folder on a Blu-ray Disc to the BDMV folder on the HDD and then burn to disc the BDMV folder thats on the HDD to play on a blu-ray player? if not why?

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    the question is vague. all that's required to burn and play a bluray is the bdmv folder. as long as it's not copy protected. if it is then no just switching folders will not work the copy protection is smarter than you.
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  3. Thanks for your response, now less vague:

    1. The BDMV folder in the disc is not copy protected

    2. I've tried copying that BDMV folder straight from the disc to the HDD and the BDMV folder changes properties and is unblessed... Result,,, does not work

    3. Workaround is to have a BDMV folder already resident on the HDD, strip the contents within that folder and then copy all the contents within the BDMV folder on the disc to the BDMV folder on the HDD

    4. I only need to know if I perform steps 1 and 3, then burn the BDMV, will it properly read and played on the Bluray player? .... Yes or No

    I am very much aware of what AACS is and how that works.
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