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  1. Hi Gang

    I'm using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate 10.4.2 and would like to know if there's a way to extract the audio portion only from a video in order to try to correct some problems? But as I think about it Video Converter is not a full video editor so there is probably no way for me to bring it back in (sync it up)?

    ThanK You
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    Don't use wondershare (frankly it doesn;'t have a great reputation) but you can open a video file in AUdacity and it'll just load the audio. Then you can do whatever.

    You may be able to import an external audio track in Wondershare, I don't know, if not I'd look for something else.
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  3. What type of video file is it (AVI or MKV or MP4 etc)?
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  4. Thank You Hoser and hello_

    You're correct: honestly I need to fire up FC on my Mac, use Audacity on my PC or install an older version of Magix for my PC for some 'light' video editing.

    Best Regards - Mike
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