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    I had an issue with my audio cutting in and out in a recording, and would appreciate having some help identifying what could have gone wrong so that I can avoid having this happen again in the future. I attached an mp4 file of the clip.

    Camcorder: Sony PXW-X70 Camcorder
    Mic: WMIC50 Wireless Microphone by MOVO

    I had recorded clips before this, and those clips were fine. I have been using the mic many times since this recording, and haven't had this issue again.

    Am I using a suitable mic for my camcorder, or should I invest in a better wireless mic? I would appreciate any suggestions.

    Thank you in advance to all who take the time to reply; I'm a Graphic Designer with a love of video editing, but I'm an amatuer when it comes to working with a camcorder and collecting the video files myself.
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