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  1. I have the swedish version of korra downloaded (every episode), but in poor quality, i thought i would get high quality english blu ray version version and just replace the audio but it seems to go at differnet speeds or something, i dont know but if anyon got a good program or knows what to do, i'll listen.
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  2. You're asking for help with your copyrighted and illegally downloaded videos?
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    Just losslessly remux into MKV. Of course don't overwrite your original video files. Use MKVToolNix. By trial and error: put the appropriate delay value (use negative value if you want to advance instead). For example if you want to delay the audio, I always start with 200ms, then play the result MKV with your favorite player and check if the sync is to your liking. If not, adjust 200ms to say 250ms, remux to MKV, then play again.

    After you are satisfied with the appropriate delay (or advance) value, then use that value to the rest of your video files.
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    Two main types of sync errors. One where the sync error is the same throughout playback.
    Fixed by applying an sync offset, positive or negative, usually in milliseconds.

    I've used video players like MPC to adjust the offset manually, note the value and add it to the video editor to correct the sync.

    Second is where the sync gradually changes during the playback. That is usually caused by differing lengths of the video or audio.
    Adjust one or the other to correct. Audio is usually easier. I've used Audacity for that,
    then muxed the new audio back with the video with an appropriate video editor.

    Last is a combination of both, fairly difficult to fix. Usually done in small sections. This error can be caused by poor editing of either audio or video.
    Sometimes by editing out advertisements or just poor cuts or adds.

    So, try to determine the cause of the sync problem. MediaInfo may help for lengths of video/audio information.
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