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  1. I've been encoding some anime I have, and I've been getting a nagging feeling that something was off in my encodes. I finally saw the difference in comparing to the source on the latest encode. The color is off. I think it's the color space? conversion. While both are supposedly YUV, according to mediainfo, I can't tell if they're rec709, 601 or something else.

    I actually have multiple sources of the same episodes, their colors are consistent and I get the same deviation on my encodes no matter which source I use. I'm looking at both the source(s) and the encode in aegisub on the same monitor, so I'm sure the deviation is due to the encoding.

    Can anyone help me figure this out and get proper colors?

    Edit: Potential false alarm. There was a color space change issue, but it was in Aegisub, not the encoding. Seems like Aegisub actually color shifts the video according to the settings in the script properties. Which is good, since the encoding is correct. But is bad, since I'll have to change all the subtitle files.

    Changing the setting to TV601 seems to have preserved the colors. Aegisub kept insisting on shifting to that setting, but the colors stayed the same on the video with or without subs loaded, so that's good.
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    Thanks for the update.

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