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  1. Hello good afternoon.

    I'm new to this subject, I ask for help with this problem:

    I need to put this video streaming in my android app, but over time the link expires. What would be the solution?

    Link of the video streaming of the camera:

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  2. Mod Neophyte Super Moderator redwudz's Avatar
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    Sorry, not much help for streaming from me, but other members here may have some ideas.

    And welcome to our forums.
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    This is easy actually

    Here is the url without chunklist:
    If you try to open this without a referer header you will get a 403 forbidden error. So you need to add the referer in order to download it or to put it in your app. Here is the referer url:

    If you want to download the stream you can use e.g. youtube-dl. The command line would look like this:

    youtube-dl.exe --referer

    After entering this command in cmd you'll see that download is going to start.

    Or you can play it in VLC. Download streamlink and enter this command in cmd: streamlink --http-header Referer= best
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  4. I need to put this video streaming in my android app...
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    For android app i believe you can create a .XML type manifest file with the stream info. (some websites even do that)
    As for the link expiring you might need to add some javascript to that to make connection alive. IDK how to pass a referer like that
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