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  1. This has probably been answered many times but I can't seem to find anything.

    I used to have a few CRTs that could play VHS without connecting an external player, I'm wondering what kind of quality did these types of CRTs use to display the image in terms of composite/s-video.

    I have similar curiosity about built-in DVD players on LCD TVs. I used to have one that would play in 480i but annoyingly supported progressive scan if an external player was used.
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    The VHS players probably were limited by the CRT quality and the VHS tape quality. If I recall, 640 X 480 at 29.967fps, interlaced.
    Most of those VHS combo players I worked with were small, 13" to 20", used for training videos. The VHS transports wore out quickly.

    I have used a few DVD/TV CRT combo players, but that was years ago.
    They were a bit better for video quality, 720 x 480 pixels MPEG2 (Called Full-D1)

    I haven't used a DVD/TV LCD player. But they should display a better quality that most CRT players.

    And most of the above is just guesses. Other here likely have better information.
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  3. Thanks for the quick reply, I actually wasn't thinking about resolution here (I thought because of the standards it was always the same anyway.)

    I meant the image quality when using cables like composite or rf, how does it compare to combo players? Does it bypass this, or are they restricted internally to composite, etc. quality?
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    I assume most CRT circuit designs take separate luma and chroma inputs and mix them as required to drive the guns. Therefore, it would be uneconomical to composite the signals only to separate them again for the CRT. Brightness and color information are recorded in separate frequency bands on VHS tape.
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    My guess is they basically just use an internal composite(I really doubt S-video or better quality) connector. Unfortunately, almost all those combo VCR/DVD player-displays were pretty poor quality and I never found a combo that equaled(let alone were better than) a good quality VCR/DVD player and monitor. I know I've got a 28" Proton(rebadged RCA/Thompson electronics??) with a built-in DVD player and the quality of the player sucks, worse than using a decent quality DVD player and using S-video or better yet Component or HDMI.
    In theory they could use a more direct to display type of connection that would give better quality than an external connection, unfortunately, they don't seem to do that! Just like combo VCR/DVDR devices that again have the potential for better than external VCR to DVDR connections, they never live up to their potential, the only combos I found were equal to separate components was Panasonic, old JVC built JVCs were probably good quality too but all the Funai combos were basically crap!
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