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    Found this for Unix based to do what is needed but needs to be converted to run under Windows system. Can anyone provide a batch file to do the same in Windows 10.

    A quick way to find corrupted mp4 files in directory is to generate thumbnails for all the videos, and see where thumbnail generation fails.

    find . -iname "*.mp4" | while read -r line; do
    line=`echo "$line" | sed -r 's/^\W+//g'`;
    echo 'HERE IT IS ==>' "$line";
    if ffmpeg -i "$line" -t 2 -r 0.5 %d.jpg;
    then echo "DONE for" "$line";
    else echo "FAILED for" "$line" >>error.log;

    Thanks Don
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  2. Something like this:

    for %%F in (*.mp4) do (
    ffmpeg -y -i "%%F" -t 2 -r 0.5 "%%~nF.jpg"
    if errorlevel 1 echo Error in file "%%F" >>errorlog.txt
    del "%%~nF.jpg"
    Put that in a batch file in the folder you want to check. Then double click on it to run it. It produces a file called errorlog.txt (in the same folder) with a list of files for which ffmpeg failed to build a thumbnail. It deletes the thumbnail images so as not to pollute the folder with them. It only finds very corrupt files. It doesn't find files which may have small corruptions later in the video or audio streams.
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