Hi guys!

I don't like one-click-all-in-one-apps e.g. FairUse Wizard / GuardianKnot, but have always used "manual" steps to encode MPEG-4 backup rips of my DVD collection. First I run PGCDemux for (main) VideoFile.m2v and AudioFile.ac3, then "rundll32.exe vobsub.dll,Configure" to extract VobSubs, then I run ffmpeg by command line to do the encoding with desired tuning options. Finally I run mkvmerge to wrap everything together in a nice MKV file.

I'm starting to get more and more Blu-ray movies, and I've bought myself a Blu-ray player for my PC. I know I'll probably need to buy Redfox AnyDVD HD too, since 99.9% of all Blu-ray titles have some sort of copy protection. Anyways, when I'm up to speed with all that, what's my best "equivalent" to the ~300kB utility "pgcdemux.exe" to do Blu-ray titles? I'm assuming that Blu-ray's don't even use the "PGC" scheme anymore, so I'm guessing I need different utilities to "extract" the ~25GB piece of high-bitrate h264 + audio streams?

Is there any minimalistic utility (like PgcDemux for DVD's) to extract Blu-ray streams from their discs?