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    I have a ton of old cartoons (100+) all have VOBSUB as subtitles. Id like to convert them to SRT either as a separate file or embedded back into the MKV. Is there a program that can do this for me automatically?

    I know I can use mkvmergeGUI to extract VobSUB then convert it and remux with mkvmergeGUI again. But to do that 100+ times would be very tedious. Im willing to do it, but want to see if there is an easier way first?
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  2. I wanted to suggest Subtitle Edit. But it seems it is currently broken with mkv/sub input both in cli and GUI batch mode (Tools->Batch convert). I will ask the author, maybe he can fix it quickly.

    Are the subtitles always the same track number? Because then you could write a batch with first extracting, then converting and if wanted embedding:
    for %%a in (*.mkv) do (
    mkvextract tracks "%%~a" "2:%%~na.idx"
    subtitleedit /convert "%%~na.sub" subrip
    mkvmerge -o "outputfolder\%%~a" "%%~a" ""
    del %%~na.sub
    del %%~na.idx
    Note that batch converting vobsub to srt is error prone because the OCR process isn't perfect. It is better to do this one file at a time and manually correct any errors.

    BTW: ffmpeg has Tesseract OCR engine. I wonder if it's possible to this with just ffmpeg in a single step.
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    FFmpeg's OCR filter produces a frame-level data file. It has to be processed into SRT or some other subtitle format.
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  4. Recently, there are ways to convert SUB IDX files online into SRTs. OR Use Subtitle Edit
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