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  1. The past few times I've tried to create a waveform using SE it has been really slow. It used to create the waveform in a matter of minutes, but lately it's been going at such a slow speed that it would take several hours. I should mention that I'm using a laptop, so I don't know if it's a memory or space issue, but I was using this same laptop before when it was working fine. Does anyone have any ideas what might be causing this?
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    Be sure you have latest VLC installed, go here:
    If you're on a 64-bit OS which most ppl are, then press the arrow-down in the orange download button and choose the "Installer for 64-bit version".

    Do use latest version of SubtitleEdit
    3.4.6 is like four years old!

    Alternately you can use FFmpeg for generating the waveform instead of VLC. In SE, go to Options -> Settings -> Waveform (download and check "use FFmpeg...")

    You should also have at least a few GB free on your main drive (where your %temp% folder resides).
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  3. Thanks! Upgrading solved the problem.
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