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  1. I'm trying to use VirtualDub Deinterlacing filter on AviSynth, but LoadVirtualDubPlugin is really confusing. Can somebody look at my script and tell me what I did wrong? Thanks. Image
    [Attachment 48219 - Click to enlarge]
    . This is the VD filter I want to apply. Image
    [Attachment 48220 - Click to enlarge]
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  2. Sorry, double post.
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  3. Why not use a better AviSynth filter instead?

    Or use Yadif(Mode=1) which is the AviSynth version of what you're trying to do.
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  4. I have installed Yadif using LoadCPlugins, but it does not recognise it. Can you type in code format for me so that I know how to load it?
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  5. I load it like so:


    Adjust for your own path to the Yadif.dll. And I use it as a bobber like so:


    Again, though, there are better AviSynth bobbers. While slow (and Yadif is very fast), QTGMC is the best.
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  6. Thanks for helping. However, Yadif from AviSynth is not the same as the one in VirtualDub. I want deinterlacing with chroma behind the movement because I believe it will make video less saturated. I wan't deinterlacing like the one in this video. I also use the same device, but I get different output from his videos. I don't know why my video looks more saturated than his despite the same set up. I'm wondering what filters he used. If you can tell me that I would be appreciated.
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  7. How should I know? Why not write and ask him?

    If you want less saturation, then adjust the Sat component of Tweak. However, it's probably a Colorimetry issue, Hi-def .vs Std-def.

    I expect the VDub Yadif is identical to the AviSynth one. Perhaps someone will come along and explain how to get VDub's Yadif going for you.
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  8. I don't think VDub internal filters can be loaded via an Avisynth script.
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  9. VirtualDub's intrinsic filters cannot be used in AviSynth, only the external dll filters.

    LoadVirtualDubPlugin() does not apply the filter it simply makes it available by the name specified. You have to call the filter by that name somewhere in your script. So your would do something like:

    LoadVirtualDubPlugin("x:\path\to\plugin.vdf", "deinterlace_this")  # make plugin.vdf available as deinterlace_this()
    ConvertToRGB32(interlaced=true) # VirtualDub plugins require RGB32
    deinterlace_this() # include any necessary arguments for the filter
    ConvertToYV12() # or whatever you need for later processing
    SomeOtherFilters() #
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  10. Converting to RGB32 ruins picture display
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  11. Originally Posted by jseo13579 View Post
    Converting to RGB32 ruins picture display
    In what way does it "ruin" picture display ?

    LoadVirtualDubPlugin in avisynth requires RGB32 .
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  12. It ruins the texture, making it blurrier.
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  13. Originally Posted by jseo13579 View Post
    Converting to RGB32 ruins picture display
    So you got it running in AviSynth, then?

    Isn't that what you asked?

    If I understand correctly, you can use the filter without the colorspace conversions in your script by using VDub2:

    But colorspace conversions are to be avoided whenever possible, another reason to use the AviSynth Yadif, if you have to use Yadif.
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  14. Originally Posted by jseo13579 View Post
    I want deinterlacing with chroma behind the movement because I believe it will make video less saturated.
    You want screwed up chroma? Most people try to avoid that. If you want less saturated colors just reduce the saturation, Tweak(sat=0.??). If you really want to blend the colors of the two fields like the youtube video you can use MergeChroma(Blur(0.0, 1.0)) before calling Yadif() or some other deinterlacer. But that's a huge mistake in my opinion.
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