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  1. I am transferring my MiniDV video collection into my computer via Firewire, using Scenalyzer 4 and scene detection. Then, I link the AVI files together using Virtualdub2 in Direct Stream mode. This works fine except Virtualdub will not save as one, large, appended file. For example, I appended several files together using Virtualdub2. Instead of appending to one large, 30 minute file, it created 3 files of 9-10 minutes. Is there a way to append the files to get one file rather than multiple files? I have read and read but I am not finding info specific to this.

    I appreciate any help you may be able to offer.
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  2. VirtualDub lets you append any number of files into a single output file. I've personally created files over 100GB with it. Did you use File -> Save Segmented AVI? That would give you several output files if your video was larger than your specified segment size. Use the regular File -> Save as AVI (or File -> Save As if you're using VirtualDub2). Also, make sure you aren't saving to a FAT formatted disk. FAT has a 4 GB file size limit (2 GB with some poorly written programs).
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  3. Thanks for the info. Yes, I have been using the "save segmented avi" after adding all the files. I will try using the File->Save As option. I am using NTFS file system. Also, you mentioned specified segment size. How do I set a larger segment?
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  4. Originally Posted by Genius View Post
    How do I set a larger segment?
    If you use File -> Save As VirtualDub will only create one file. If you use Save Segmented AVI the segment size is on that save dialog.
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    Avimux GUI can also do file joining and allows changing the audio delay if needed.
    if all else fails read the manual
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    Originally Posted by Genius View Post
    Thanks for the info. Yes, I have been using the "save segmented avi" after adding all the files.
    You are confusing the segmented nature of your input with the output. Once you have all the files appended in VirtualDub, they become a single video that you save without any notion of segmentation.
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  7. Thanks a lot for the info and for taking the time to reply. Choosing "save as" has solved the problem.
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