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  1. hello friends, I come to ask the help of everyone with a problem that I try to solve for months and I do not find a way to solve it.

    I already activated the HDR on windows 10 and QLED55q6fn TV and everything seems to work normal, since in games the HDR activates normally and stays show.

    I use staxrip to convert my videos, usually very low movies in 1080p remux (.mkv) or 4k all in SDR bt709.

    but all the videos I converted with the staxrip is not good, it seems that the image is too red, and with a lot of contrast or gamma I can not say for sure what is too much.
    already tried all kinds of configuration, and nothing.

    ID: 1
    Format: HEVC
    Format / Info: High Efficiency Video Coding
    Commercial name: HDR10
    Format profile: Main 10 @ L6.2 @ High
    Codec ID: V_MPEGH / ISO / HEVC
    Duration: 2 h 29 min
    Bit rate: 5 883 kb / s
    Width: 1 920 pixels
    Height: 1 080 pixels
    Display aspect ratio: 2.40: 1
    Frame rate mode: Constant
    Frame rate: 23.976 (24000/1001) FPS
    Color space: YUV
    Chroma subsampling: 4: 2: 0
    Bit depth: 10 bit
    Bits / (Pixel * Frame): 0.118
    Stream size: 6.14 GiB (91%)
    Language: English
    Default: Yes
    Forced: No
    Color range: Limited
    Primary color: BT.2020
    Transfer characteristics: PQ
    Matrix coefficients: BT.2020 non-constant
    Mastering display primary color: BT.2020
    Mastering display luminance: min: 0.0001 cd / m2, max: 1000 cd / m2
    Maximum Content Light Level: 1000 cd / m2
    Maximum Frame-Average Light Le: 1 cd / m2

    images with HDR color problem

    images without HDR enabled

    this problem does not happen if I download a movie in 4k or 1080p already with HDR in the video, it is perfect.
    but for example:
    if I download a movie in 4k HDR working perfectly and convert it to 1080p wanting to keep the HDR it will stick to the example images with the incorrect corres and very red.

    if someone who has the same problem and resolved to help me, I am grateful.
    also if you have some other program to tell me to convert videos to x265 10bit in MKV with HDR running normal, I will be eternally grateful
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    Perhaps try Vidcoder. H.265 (10 bit) encoder, profile main10

    Here's one I did for a test; I have an untouched sample from the Mamma Mia 2 movie - 326 MB source re-encoded to 8mb
    using the above settings. As far as I know the colors are good, at least in the mpc-be player
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  3. Originally Posted by Thread
    ...if you have some other program to tell me to convert videos to x265 10bit in MKV with HDR running normal, I will be eternally grateful
    Convert from a BD UHD with HDR to MKV with HDR ... Once encode with x265:

    --crf 20 --profile main10 --high-tier --level-idc 5.1 --no-open-gop --hdr --hrd --aud --chromaloc 2 --range limited --colorprim bt2020 --transfer smpte-st-2084 --colormatrix bt2020nc --master-display "G(13250,34500)B(7500,3000)R(34000,16000)WP(15635, 16450)L(10000000,50)"

    try with small test ..
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  4. as a side note:
    a. you can't make a sdr source hdr by reencoding it to HEVC and adding HDR/VUI flags (first screenshots look like someone tried this)
    b. you can convert HDR-10 content to a lower or higher resolution by reencoding it while keeping the hdr and vui flags
    (btw. you can modify the flags without reencoding using ffmpeg, see: and following)
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