Dear video codec developers,

Moscow State University Graphics&Media Lab starts the fourteenth annual video codecs comparison.
We invite all codec developers to take part in the competition.
Applications are open until March 1.

Participation is free with the publishing of all obtained results.
Also, you can compare your codec staying incognito (contact us for private participation if you are interested).

Detailed information can be found on call-for-codecs page.

Nominations (encoding use-cases)
FullHD: Fast (60fps)
FullHD: Universal (25fps)
FullHD: Ripping (1fps)
FullHD: Ultra-Ripping
4K (20fps)
Subjective comparison
Cloud solutions

New features of MSU Video Codecs Comparisons
  • Increasing the number of test videos up to 100+ in fast use case, adding UGC (user-generated) videos (vlogs, noise videos, etc.)
  • Open to compare cloud-based solutions
  • Enlarging of video collection (up to 20 000 videos)
  • Subjective comparisons (with platform)
  • Upgraded testing hardware to Coffee Lake
  • Supporting VMAF metric

You can apply for the contest via the form or e-mail.

Useful Links
Call-for-codecs 2019 page
MSU Video Codecs Comparison 2018 (3 parts: FullHD, Subjective, 4K)
Link for subscription to report news

Also, we will be happy if you leave any feedback or suggestions for our previous and future reports:

Best regards,
Dr. Dmitriy Kulikov,
Moscow State University (MSU)
Graphics&Media Lab
Videocodec Testing Team