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  1. Gday all,
    Hoping to get some advise.
    The last camera I used to produce a DVD was an old Panasonic GS400 tape model!
    Things have come a long way and Im trying to catch up with the technology.
    The finished product will be put onto DVD .
    Includes some fast moving footage.
    Sound quality is not vital but needs to be reasonable.
    I am also including footage shot from a GoPro in the project using split screen with the canon footage.
    Any suggestions as to format I should be using.
    I already have shot a bit in AVCHD 24mbps (duel recording to mp4 4mbps for easy upload to Facebook etc)
    But am I better to go to the highest (35mbps mp4) and record to just one card.
    Thanks Bush.
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    I use a Canon G40 and always shoot MP4 50fps at 35Mbps. I have found that this gives a better picture than AVCHD. Keeping a higher bitrate whist editing, etc, will benefit the finished video. You can always render lower resolution versions later for use in Facebook.
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    I still use an HF G30 and have tried all the higher quality options and I concur. ChapmanDolly is spot on.
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