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  1. Originally Posted by ponens View Post
    How about non-screen recording? Saving the files directly as they come off the server.

    If even the source streaming files play with jerks, then those will remain regardless?

    What's the link to the webpage that is able to play this streaming video?
    Unfortunately the videos cant be captured from stream links.
    You can watch the videos here (
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  2. Or may be I should have asked first, is there a way to download from above link?
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  3. This thread appears to be over a year old but I felt that I should add something that might end up helping future answer seekers.

    I was having the same issue with getting glitchy/stuttering video while screen recording with Movavi and tried all kinds of stuff, including many of the suggestions above. After an excessive amount of troubleshooting trial and error, I finally realized that, even though it's one of the first things I tell people when they're planning a build for recording audio/video on a pc, I was making a rookie mistake.

    A secondary drive to record onto is a must. I switched the location of where Movavi was defaulted to save recordings so that the folder was located on a drive other than the one that I was running my system on and it immediately fixed the problem.

    Hope that helps!
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