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    Is it possible to upscale something that you can captured from VHS and make it more Hi-Def? I know there are some video scalers out there and all but is there a way to do it with software sampling without making the footage look like crap?
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  2. AviSynth: nnedi3. But with VHS you need a cap with clean time base, and you have to downscale (to about 360x480/576) and clean up the video before you upscale. It's never going to look like real HD video. About the best you can hope for is to keep sharp edges without creating aliasing artifacts.
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    LOL i was simply going to say no. standard vhs has about 240 lines of resolution. there's no way to make up the over 800 missing lines of resolution for HD. it's easier to encode to the native res and let the viewer's hardware upscale it than make it look decent at 1920x1080.
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